Products and Services

Connolly Asset Management (CAM) wants to be the first stop for all your personal finance needs. We begin the process by taking an inventory of your financial picture and assisting you in deciding where to allocate your money. This could be through a Direct Management Agreement or it could be through assistance with a third-party manager.

Additionally, Doug Connolly (the principal of Connolly Asset Management) is licensed to sell life insurance in Texas and Arizona.


Fee Structure

There are three basic compensation methods:

  1. Assets Under Management Fees -- A percentage of total assets is deducted from the account on a quarterly bases (any third-party fees would be built into this fee). CAM charges 1.00% of assets under management, so clients would see .25% charged per quarter, in arrears. This fee may be negotiable, based upon individual circumstances.
  2. Commissions on Insurance and Annuity** Sales --These vary based on the company/policy and are already included in the premiums.
  3. Hourly Fees -- A small percentage of clients may prefer this manner for advice/planning, rather than long-term management. The hourly fee is $175. This fee may be negotiable based upon individual circumstances.